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I am
neither here
nor there
nor anywhere else that es importante
or so they say
Trapped as I am
in the Borderlands of la frontera
I am therefore invalid
not hispanic
not americana
just a combination that amounts to
nada in their eyes
I lack the “authenticity”
the privilege to misrepresent my people
the historia of my ancestors
the honor of denying
my family
my heritage
in favor of sólo una parte de mí
This nowhere
so full of blind beggars
holding cups empty of acceptance
seems flanked by bars
but in my desperation
I look closer
Are the bars to keep me in
keep them out
separate and segregate
the negro y blanco from
the Other that I am
eliminate all shades of grey
The stark contrast
leeching the detail
stealing the beauty of a spectrum of
blinding colores
marks my view of the world
a world which is
neither here
nor there
nor anywhere at all
Another one inspired by a class, this one entitled Rhythm and the Latina Body Politic.
Our class talks a lot about Latinidad and the Borderlands, and we've recently begun to touch the subject of "authenticity." While I am not myself a Latina, the tug-of-war between aspects of oneself is a difficulty that I recognize and to which I can relate.
xianlove Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
is it ok if i put my poem up which i composed from your poem lines n 3 other poems?
i'll give you credit for it.. on the artist comments.
ArgenLueda Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Go right ahead, just please link back here.
I'm pleased that this poem inspired you!
Blue-eyedHawk Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2008
The imagery of seperation and even desperation is intense; I like the mingling of Spanish and English, it's used very effectively. The part about the bars and their meaning is especially potent for me, and I like the bit about the honor of denying the past and parts of oneself - very well done.
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March 31, 2008
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